Success Academy Founder Mel Cutler recognized for Leadership and Awarded 1st Runner up at Awards Night OC

BLP Circle LogoOrange County, CA – Entrepreneur and mindset strategy coach Mel Cutler was recognized at the first annual Awards Night Orange County Leadership Excellence Networking Extravaganza on May 8, 2013. Mel, who is the founder of Success Academy and provides success tips for entrepreneurs at, was honored as the first runner-up in the inaugural Beautiful Life Productions (BLP) Excellence in Leadership Awards, which were presented that night. The awards were established to give recognition and appreciation to leaders for excellence in leadership and collaboration.
Mel Cutler

“Collaboration is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship, and I am honored to be recognized as a forward-thinking leader in the community.” – Mel Cutler

Mel, who is a board member with the International Business & Entrepreneurship Association and a guest speaker at the USC Marshall School of Business, began his entrepreneurial career at age 19 after, as he once explained, “I realized I was absolutely unemployable.” After several false starts, Cutler began to surround himself with successful mentors and was able to take a new company to a seven-figure revenue stream. This experience showed him the need for a training system for budding entrepreneurs. Thus began Success Academy.

“I started Success Academy to help entrepreneurs align with their purpose and passion so that they can live the lifestyle SuccessAcademythey want and create profits doing it while also being socially responsible and contributing back into society,” Mel explains.

Growing up as the son of Russian immigrant parents and being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, Mel faced numerous challenges in life. Through it all, though, he persevered – setting the tone for his later life. Although he dropped out of college, he had an insatiable curiosity about how people became successful. Since then he has continued to study the science of human performance and psychology to understand how people achieve results. His goal is to help others duplicate those results.

Following his business success at age 25, Mel semi-retired to an island to enjoy life. However, after a year he realized that he was looking for a higher purpose and returned to share his experience with others who wanted to build their own businesses. He created his signature event, called the Entrepreneur Revolution, to offer that training. Today, Mel Cutler provides free, monthly masterminds, two-day workshops and advanced business and mindset courses for members of the business community.

Asked about his participation in Awards Night OC, Cutler explained, “Community and Collaboration are two hugely important things to me and to my work with Success Academy. I believe that the new way to achieve success in business is through collaboration and that the old, competitive environment is dead.”

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